B2B and Market Entry Strategies

Tamimi Business Development Service, we manage sales management processes and make solid contributions to our customers. We operate to maximize our solution partners’ sales competency and efficiency and reduce costs through an experienced sales team.

Our primary focus is realizing B2B and B2C recognition of your products in foreign markets. We operate a sales management approach that includes a joint (2/3 days a week – optional) or company-specific sales service to achieve the sales targets of our customers.

In the global world, to be memorable, you need to understand and research what your competitors are doing and your customer’s necessity.

Every market has its own cultural, sociological, and economic dynamics. You must understand these, position your product accordingly, and apply befitting sales and marketing methods. You need to determine your value proposition for the target market, your target group, and its buying habits. You must tailor your marketing materials and website to meet consumer expectations.

B2B Organizations

Finding suitable consultants with deep expertise, knowledge, and understanding of the B2B industries in Dubai is one of the biggest challenges faced by entrepreneurs. 

We conduct comprehensive market research and provide strategic guidance to entrepreneurs in Dubai. This includes market potential analysis, competitive analysis, target audience identification, and the development of marketing strategies. 

Our team of consultants assist businesses in expanding their operations in Dubai. This involves developing strategies for acquiring new customers, finding business partners, establishing distributor networks, and leveraging local connections. 

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Roadshows & Seminars

Roadshows and seminars are effective marketing and networking events that provide businesses with opportunities to showcase their products, services, or investment opportunities to a targeted audience. 

Tamimi Consulting organizes Roadshows and seminars not only in UAE but in Turkiye as well during the year.

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Market Research Reports

Market Research Reports are crucial for informed decision making, identifying market opportunities, understanding customer behavior, mitigating risks, monitoring competitors, justifying investments.

Tamimi Consulting, a registered and qualified consultant in IFC,  has a proven track record of preparing Market Research Reports in various industries and field covering the MENA Region.

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