Government Incentives and Support

It is very important that you have access to funds to open to international markets and develop your business. We accelerate you to benefit from the Export Incentives of the Türkiye Ministry of Trade.

Incentives for Turkish Manufacturers and Exporters of Goods and Services

Tamimi assists companies in understanding and accessing various export incentives offered by the Ministry of Trade – Türkiye

Our services include: 

  1. Incentive Assessment: We evaluate the eligibility criteria and requirements of different export incentives programs to determine which ones align with the company’s goals and operations. 
  2. Application and Documentation: We assist in preparing and submitting the necessary documentation and applications for export incentives, ensuring compliance with all regulatory requirements. 
  3. Program Optimization: We analyze the company’s export activities and identify opportunities to optimize the utilization of available incentives. This includes exploring additional incentives, maximizing benefits, and minimizing administrative burden. 

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Turquality Programme

The TURQUALITY® program is a government-sponsored initiative in Turkey that aims to support and promote Turkish brands in international markets. It provides a comprehensive framework for brand development, marketing, and international expansion. 

Tamimi Consulting, 1st Group Consultant Company – the only Turkish company in the MENA region accredited by the Ministry of Trade Turkiye, offers specialized expertise and guidance to companies to participate in the Turquality program.

Our services include strategic consulting, market research, brand positioning, marketing strategy development, and international expansion planning.  

We assist companies in leveraging the benefits of the Turquality program to enhance their brand value, increase market presence, and achieve sustainable growth in global markets.  

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