Business Development Services

With the advantage of extending our foreign supply channels, we can find the product you want to buy & sell from any country in the world and provide it for you. Within the operations of our strategic partnerships in different countries, we investigate the companies that supply the product you need and where they’re located.

Contact us if you want to find the products, you’re looking for in global markets with a Tamimi Experience and reach competitive resources in other markets. Tamimi Consulting helps with of companies on Trade and Export & Import. We support companies of any size targeting to open to the global markets. We have set up the right team you need to open to the global markets and confidently manage all processes from a single point of reference.

International Trade Advisory

It is the dream of all entrepreneurs, manufacturers, and exporters to penetrate into new markets. To achieve this goal, consistent strategy, effort, and determination is essential. Tamimi Consulting, your company’s closest business partner and consultant, is at your service with its international trade team. 

Our export consultancy service is carried out under four main headings: 

– Analysis and development of your company’s overseas marketing strategies, 

– Identifying potential customers in target markets, 

– Analysis of national and international competitors, 

– Establishing contact with target customers on behalf of your company 

A study is carried out in line with the goal of gaining new customers for your company. 

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Representation and Agency

Tamimi Consulting, an innovative Sales & Marketing representation company, offer practical and cost-effective solutions for Manufacturers, traders and distributors wishing to expand their business in the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar, Oman & Bahrain. 

We operate with our clients to maximize and achieve higher market penetration. We offer tailor-made services to support our partners in standing out from the competition and achieving their revenue and brand goals promptly. 

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Sourcing and Procurement

Tamimi Consulting is a leading Procurement Services Provider in Dubai UAE, helping organizations address all aspects of their procurement and sourcing operations to achieve savings and improved supplier relationships.

We enjoy a worldwide professional network base. The company prides itself in having sturdy relationships with global and leading regional companies as its supply and logistics partners.

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Supply Chain Management

Tamimi Consulting provides a collaborative solution for its customers, placing a whole supply chain perspective in its procurement processes.

Tamimi`s Supply Chain Benefits

Proven experience sourcing in remote and challenging regions

Existing air and ground transportation services as well as storage and cross-docking facilities

Price advantages due to economies-of-scale in high-volume procurement and close vendor cooperation

Well-performing global vendor base

E-procurement and e-bidding tools to increase efficiency and effectiveness

Effective management of customer relations to ensure optimization of the end-to-end procurement and supply chain solution

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