Corporate Services

Each business and structure are exceptional within itself, and a custom-made solution is essential for maximum efficiency, resulting in higher triumphs and achievements for the organizations.

With a multi-jurisdictional reality and pragmatic method, our clients are advised and guided by a team of experts in the field with an in-depth understanding of the often-complex requirements of each business and industry. We are well skilled to meet all our client’s requirements- whether small and medium business establishments, entrepreneurs, start-ups, multi-national big corporations, publicly listed companies, or global corporate brands.

We aim to be an essential part of your organization, providing our customized services to the Company’s benefit with an aligned vision of reaching excellence in their business that enables them to remain competitive in an ever-changing global market.

Company Incorporation

The UAE, is a major business and trade hub in the Middle East. It offers a favorable business environment with tax benefits, state-of-the-art infrastructure, and a strategic location that serves as a gateway between the East and West.  

Many multinational corporations choose to establish their regional headquarters or offices in the UAE, making it a thriving business destination. 

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Corporate Bank Account Opening

The UAE’s secure banking system, stable local currency, absence of currency controls, reliable lending organizations, make it one of the most attractive countries in which to set up your banking services.  

Tamimi Consulting has longstanding associations with many banks across the U.A.E and it is strongly recommended that we help with bank introductions and the preparation and submission of the required documentation. 

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Visa and Immigration Services

We provide expert guidance and assistance throughout the process of obtaining a residence visa in the UAE upon establishing your company.

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Businessman and PRO Services

We offer a seamless service handling the administrative and governmental procedures required for businesses operating in the UAE.

We assist companies in dealing with various government departments and agencies, ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements. These services typically include visa processing, work permit applications, labor and immigration documentation, company formation, license renewals, document attestation, and other governmental liaison tasks.

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HR and Payroll Services

Outsourcing HR and payroll services to specialized providers help businesses streamline their operations, ensure compliance, and free up internal resources to focus on core business activities.

Tamimi Consulting offers a comprehensive but flexible payroll service tailored to clients’ requirements

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Recruitment and Executive Search

Tamimi Consulting is an executive search and recruitment firm offering universal headhunting solutions in the UAE

Our headhunter’s search specializes in locating leadership talent. With a focus on executive search, assessment, and selection, we are well-equipped to identify and look over top professionals to meet customers’ hiring needs.

We strive to fulfil  executive recruitment needs of our companies established in the UAE.

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3rd Party Prequalification and Registration

We excel in delivering top-notch and expedited third-party qualification and registration services in the  UAE government entities backed by expert advise 

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Re-structuring and Amendments

Tamimi Consulting opt for a problem-solving approach while providing business restructuring services and advise top management in optimizing their organizational structure and making necessary modifications

Companies navigate complex processes and implement necessary changes efficiently by getting expert advice from us.

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Company Valuation

We provide company valuation reports and accompany you during your next step, whether it is selling your business, growing your business, or simply understanding & increasing the value of your business. 

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Company Re-domiciliation

Subject to the jurisdiction and the shareholding structure, the process of re-domiciliation might be complex.

By utilizing our redomiciliation services, companies can strategically position themselves in a new jurisdiction, taking advantage of business-friendly environments, expanding market opportunities, or optimizing their operational and tax structures.

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Company Liquidation and De-registration

Company liquidation and deregistration services provide an organized and legally compliant method to wind up and dissolve a company. These services help companies navigate the complex process of closure, ensure the proper distribution of assets, settle outstanding obligations, and fulfill all  requirements, allowing business owners to move on from their dissolved entity and focus on new ventures or activities. 

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